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We know that pets are everyone's most beloved family. As veterinarians, in addition to treating pets, we hope to provide holistic care for your pets.



Full medical service

Our services include a variety of comprehensive health for your pets. In addition to western medical services, we have a professional Chinese veterinarian team that provides acupuncture, Tui Na, Traditional Chinese medicine, Moxibustion, Food Therapy and other Traditional Chinese Medicine services, so as to fully take care of your pet.


① Consultation with a Veterinarian and Get a Preliminary Diagnosis

In the first consultation, please bring your pet’s medical reports, which will help us understanding your pet’s medical history. Veterinarian will perform physical examination and consultation to understand the health condition of your pets.

② Discuss Diagnostic, Treatment Plan and Get a Quotation

We will evaluate the pet's physical condition and suggest suitable treatment plans and quotations based on the pet's life and health conditions

③ Confirm Treatment Plan and Start Diagnostic Test & Treatment

After confirming the treatment plan, we will conduct detailed inspections and treatments for the pet to keep the pet healthy

Veterinary Medical Centre

Pawlistic Veterinary Medical Center provides hospitalization services for your pets. The center has separate cat and dog wards, isolation wards, and intensive care wards. Our veterinarian team is committed to providing your pet with medical services and a good medical environment.